Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In The Beginning, There Was DANIEL!

I'm the most serious person you've ever met, I'm the most silly. I'm the most abstract man to have ever confused you, I'm the simplest man alive. I'm the deepest person you know, I'm a guy baffled by many of life's simplest complexities. I can be distant, I can be close. I can be self-centered, I can love you more than anyone else.

You don't know all of me, and maybe it is impossible for you to know it all, but we'll start somewhere -- and that somewhere is here!!

My name is Daniel. I'm a native Utahn, the oldest of four brothers, a faithful church goer, a guy with tons of amazing friends, too much time on my hands, and loads of ambition!

My interests -- most likely much of the material that will make up this blog -- include writing, reading, discovering or writing new music, photography, cinema, enjoying my heart-to-heart relationships with friends and family, the outdoors, running, philosophizing/discussing various issues with like minded people, and sitting on the computer all day if I don't stop myself. (Posting on the blog doesn't count against me when it comes to my computer addiction!!!)

I love warm weather, dry sarcasm, and eating apple peels. So if you are ever in the middle of making a homemade apple pie on a summer day, call me over to your house, and while you eat your pie, I'll devour those peels you would have thrown away and have a grand old time making sarcastic comments with you on the back porch. We'll get along great!

In closing, my life centers around:

-Living by the teachings of these books

-Looking sharp as a Sir

Sir Ian Mckellen (or Gandalf!) at around my age

-Good music

Bon Iver - Towers
 Jonsi - Around Us
The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson - To Build A Home

The Lighthouse and the Whaler - White Days
Jinja Safari - Peter Pan

-Reading and writing

-My relationships

-Apple peels

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